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The Spectroradiometer

The Spectroradiometer

The Spectroradiometer

STE India Pvt Ltd has the best Spectroradiometer with high accuracy and is highly praised. Please write your exact requirement and you will be provided with the best solution. The best about our GL optics Spectroradiometer is


  1. Precise light measuring technology
  2. Highly accurate
  3. Portable
  4. Results within seconds on the display
  5. Many options to choose as per your requirement
  6. Battery operated with backup
  7. USB port
  8. Blue tooth
  9. Wifi
  10. User-friendly
  11. Option to upgrade your  System with extra accessories

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Product Details Image Features
GL Spectrolux  

GL Spectrolux

High performance,  portable spectroradiometer. Ideal for measurement of LEDs, OLEDs and another light source in visual range. Battery powered instrument. The set is spectrally calibrated. Robust spectral light meter, ideal for field light measurement of quantities such as lux, CRI, CCT, TM-30, PAR/PDF and more.
GL Spectis 1.0 Vis  GL Spectis 1.0 Vis USB controlled in handy size. Delivered with cosine corrected measurements head for illuminance /irradiance. Ideal for LED OLED. Works with all GL accessories.T he set is spectrally calibrated.
GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Vis  GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Vis Execute measurements and display key values directly on the touch screen display. Delivered with cosine corrected measurements head for illuminance /irradiance. Ideal for LED OLED or other light sources in Visual range. Works with all GL accessories.T he set is spectrally calibrated. High performance and user-friendly smart spectrometer. Class-leading accuracy and unmatched flexibility with a wide range of accessories.
GL Spectis 5.0 Touch  GL Spectis 5.0 Touch Completely self-contained Laboratory Grade Spectroradiometer in a compact size. High accuracy, the broad spectral range used for LM 79 Testing and photobiological safety testing as per IEC 62471.
GL Spetis 6.0  GL Spetis 6.0 The GL Spectis 6.0 LED spectroradiometer, expands on our family of high-end light spectrometers optimized specifically for the production and large laboratory setups for the high-speed measurement of SSL products (IESNA LM-79-08), LED wafers, large street lamps and luminaries. Rack mounted laboratory grade spectrometer for R&D or production. Fibre optic connection to a wide range of accessories.
GL Spectis 8.0  GL Spectis 8.0 Species 8.0 is the only product on the market which uses the revolutionary OSR method / Optical Stray Light Reduction */, ensuring high accuracy of test results.

What is spectroradiometer?

It is a gadget to measure the spectral power distribution(SPD) / power of a source. Spectroradiometer is developed to measure spectral irradiance and radiance over various spectral ranges 340 – 780 nm (UVa – VIS) and 640 – 1050 nm (VIS – NIR). They have many advantages for measuring new light source like LED’s, LCD’s, BLU, OLED, mini LED and micro-LED and are being used in photometry, radiometry and colourimetry. These are also called irradiance meter that uses a variable monochromator placed between a light collector and photodetector.

We can measure by this…….

  1. Illumination value in lux
  2. Luminous flux in Lumen
  3. Colour Rendering Index CRI
  4. Colour correlated temperature CCT
  5. Radiant power mWatt
  6. Luminance (cd/m2)
  7. Luminous Intensity (cd)
  8. And many more…


All controls/ values available on the software screen of the spectroradiometer

With a button press, you can have the values in seconds…..

Advantages of handheld spectroradiometer….

  1. Lightweight so Portable
  2. Stand-alone means no need to attached to a PC
  3. Best chroma accuracy
  4. Excellent accuracy to measure from high brightness to low brightness
  5. Communication features like Wifi, blue tooth, USB, SD card
  6. Colour LCD touch screen
  7. Battery backup

What is the difference between radiometer, spectrophotometer and spectroradiometer?

S.No Radiometer Spectrophotometer Spectroradiometer
Def. It is an instrument to measure radiant flux A spectrophotometer is mainly used to measure f transmittance or reflectance of solutions. A spectroradiometer to measure spectral radiance or irradiance across various spectral ranges.
Spectral range UV and IR Visible, Near IR, Near UV Visible and UV
 Features Inexpensive, portable, less accurate More accurate than radiometer Highly accurate, portable, stand-alone.
Units    Watt Cd Cd, lux, lumen, w/m3 etc…
Measure Radiant power Light beam intensity and colour Photometry, colourimetry
Consist of Sensor, filters Single beam and double beam,

collimator,  prism grating, cuvette

Lens or diffuser, monochromator, detector and control and logging system
Application IR and UV measurements Visible, near UV and near IR measurements Visible, UV

How does a spectroradiometer work?

Spectroradiometers, are developed to measure the spectral density of illuminant.  They work on the principle of refracting light.

  1. The light source shines onto or through the sample.
  2. The sample transmits or reflects light.
  3. The detector detects how much light was reflected from or transmitted through the sample.
  4. The detector then converts how much light the sample transmitted or reflected into a number.

Applications may include evaluation and categorization of lighting to confirm the lamp specifications.

Types of Spectroradiometers

  1. Handheld Spectroradiometer: They have the capability to measure any light source. The instrument is designed for portable spectroscopy and includes an integrated internal light source.
  2. Full spectrum Spectroradiometer: They can measure between 380nm – 2500nm. They are widely used in Vegetative Stress, Forestry and Drilling Core Analysis, Land and Crop Management, Marine and Wetland Study, Environment Monitor, Geological Study, Mineral Identification,   Surface Color Measurements
  3. UV spectroradiometer
  4. IR Spectroradiometer
  5. Precision /Labgrade spectroradiometer: These are unique as can test all types of light source and have a feature for photobiological safety.
  6. Multi-imaging spectroradiometer


This Portable Measuring device has the capability to measure the following Parameters:

  1. Peak wavelength
  2. Dominant wavelength
  3. Color coordinates (x, y) / Chromaticity coordinates (x, y)
  4. Relative color temperature (CCT) / Correlated color temperature (CCT)
  5. Purity
  6. Half-width wavelength / (FWHM)
  7. Center wavelength
  8. Centroid wavelength
  9. Color Index / CRI
  10. Luminous flux / Lumen
  11. Light intensity / cd
  12. CRI (R1 ~ R15)
  13. DUV value
  14. Colour tolerance SDCM
  15. Light intensity
  16. Light Quantum Flux (PPF)
  17. Radiation Intensity / Radiation Power
  18. Points BIN / BIN chart