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High Frequency Power Supply

Product Name: High Frequency Power Supply
Product NO: HFP-800
Brochure Download: pdf


The HFP-800 works with LPS-3 ( Auxiliary Power Supply) and RB-3 (Adjustable Resistance Ballast) to be an IEC Standard Test System which used to test the Frequency Fluorescent Lamp such as T5 Tube, please click here to learn the more details


  • Program control output voltage and easy operation
  • Set data easily with a memory chip, unnecessary to set for many times
  • Display on four windows, each window shows one parameter independently
  • Application for all kinds fluorescent lamps such as 50Hz/60Hz T8/T12 tube or 25KHz T5 Tube
  • It is according to double-ended fluorescent lamps adoptting the IEC 60081 (GB/T10682) and the single-ended fluorescent lamps adoptting the IEC 60901 (GB/T17262)


  • Range for output voltage: 0~600V (Adjustable)
  • Range for output current: 0~0.600A
  • Range for output frequency: 25KHz
  • Range for output capacity: 0~300W (Special request to 500W)
  • Range for Voltage stability: 0.5%/30 minutes
  • Range for frequency stability: 0.02%


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