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Integrating Sphere with Side Assistant Opening

Product Name: Integrating Sphere with Side Assistant Opening
Product NO: IS-*MA**P/IS-*MA**C
Brochure Download: pdf


According to IES LM-79 Clause 9.1.2, it request the 4π geometry configuration and 2π geometry Integrating Sphere for the LED Testing. STE – Standard Test Equipment developed the integrating sphere with side assistant Opening in A Molding Technology to meet the requirements.


The traditional integrating sphere is assembled by several pieces. LEDTesting developed A Molding Technology to produce the sphere. A Molding Integrating Sphere will be more round and the test results will be more accurate than the traditional integrating sphere.


  • Painting material of integrating spheres is according to CIE Pub.No.84(1989)
  • The painting material is BaSO4 coating:ρ(λ)≥0.96(450nm~800nm) and ρ(λ)≥0.92(380nm~450nm)
  • Fine diffuse reflection: Reflectance ρ≈0.8 and accuracy of ρ(λ) < 1.5%
  • Build-in all functional lamp testing jigs: the vertical is for E40/E27, the horizontal is for T5/T8/T12 tubes and the Testing Holder Base for LED street luminaries. All of the testing jigs can allow the lamp to be tested up and down in the sphere.
  • Power Cable, Power Terminal and Auxiliary lamp position have been built-in (an Auxiliary lamp is an option).
  • Two photodetector ports, one optical fibre port and temperature sensor hole are built-in
  • Ordering Code: IS-1.5MA55P or IS-1.5MA55C (Φ1.5m, the IS-1.5MA55P means square side opening is 0.5×0.5m, the IS-1.5MA55C means cycle side opening diameter is 0.5m). IS-1.75MA66P or IS-1.75M66C(Φ1.75m and side opening is 0.6m). IS-2.0MA77P or IS-2.0MA77C (Φ2.0m and side opening is 0.7m).
  • Another size such as diameter 2.5m, 3.0m can be special order according to customer’s request


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