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Needle Flame Test

Product Name: Needle Flame Test
Product NO: ZY-3
Brochure Download: pdf


According to IEC60695-2-2 and IEC60695-11-5, ZY-3 Needle Flame Test is applied in the production and quality control department of lighting instrument, hyperpiesia electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician instrument and technical equipment. Also, it is fit for the industry of insulation material, engineering plastics and solid combustible material.


  • ngle of burner: incline with 45°(when in test) / plumb(when adjust the flame’s height)
  • Time of start burning: 0~999.9s±0.1s adjust (30s in general)
  • Time of keep burning: 0~999.9s±0.1s, auto mark, pause with hand
  • Height of frame: 12mm ± 1mm (test tool with height)
  • Burning air: 95% of butagas
  • Test range of temperature: 0~1000℃
  • Requirement of flame’s temperature: within 23.5 seconds±1s when the temperature rises from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃
  • Temperature testing thermocouple: Φ0.5mm K pattern thermocouple


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