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GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 Luminance

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Product Name: GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 Luminance
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Optic probes for measuring radiance or irradiance

To be able to match the best optical probe to customer’s needs, it is important to know what the client has to measure, which quantities he needs to deliver, how wide a spectral range he has to measure in and which measuring point diameter he will be satisfied with.

GL Optic offers variety of optical probes for radiometric measurements. They differ in spectral range, degree of cosine correction and a type of optic fiber..


Each complete set includes a measuring probe, a fiber optic cable, and adapter for a dedicated spectrometer. Includes calibration traceable to National Laboratories.

Smart Detection

All GL Optic Spectrometers include smart system of detection that automatically detects a new probe and loads the appropriate calibration file.

Extended Spectral Range

Constructed of high transmission quartz fiber optics, these optical probes can cover a broad spectral range from UV to NIR (200-1050nm).

GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 Luminance Usage

This optic probe has a pen shape with just 1 mm measuring point diameter and comes with a flexible fiber optic cable. It is especially useful when it is necessary to measure small areas. The optic probe connects to GL Spectis 1.0 or GL Spectis 1.0 Touch.

This accessory is intended for measuring luminance [cd/m2] of flat LCD and OLED panels and plasma FPDs. Typical devices to be tested are: signal indicators, avionics and other electronic displays. This optic probe measures the light emitted in a particular direction by a given spot on the surface. The probe comes with polymer fiber optic cable. Usable spectral range: 400-730 nm.

GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 Luminance Specifications

GL OPTI PROBE 1.0.11 luminance
Measuring point diameter ⌀1.0mm
Spot size in 5mm distance – approx. 3.25mm
Spectral range 400–730 nm (may be affected by spectrometer used)
Measuring probe size ⌀7 x 60mm
Type of fiber optic cable Polymer
Fiber optic cable diameter ⌀1.0mm
Fiber optic cable length 1.5m
Measurement uncertainty (x,y) +/- 0.002


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