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GL Opti Probe 1.1.10 Illuminance

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Product Name: GL Opti Probe 1.1.10 Illuminance
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Probes to Measure Illuminance

There are different optical quantities and a range of different measurement geometries that require the use of dedicated probes. As a full line manufacturer, we offer a variety of optical probes for photometric and radiometric measurements that differ in spectral range, degree of cosine correction and a type of optic fiber.

Illuminance probes are available for all our spectrometers, and designed for each system based on the spectral range and optical performance of the instrument.


Each complete set includes a measuring probe, a fiber optic cable, and adapter for a dedicated spectrometer. Includes calibration traceable to National Laboratories.

Smart Detection

All GL Optic Spectrometers include smart system of detection that automatically detects a new probe and loads the appropriate calibration file.

Made For Everyday Use

High accuracy and performance no longer also mean high complexity. Our solutions deliver reliable, repeatable results without needing highly specialized operators.

GL Opti Probe 1.1.10 Illuminance Usage

Submersible illuminance/irradiance probe for underwater measurements. The set includes a measuring probe, polymer fiber optics as well as an adapter with a coder for a SPECTIS 1.0 series spectrometer. The set can be spectrally calibrated only in a range above 400 nm. N.A.= 0.22

This optic probe measures the amount of luminous flux incident upon a surface per unit area, measured in optical quantities of illuminance [lux] or PAR energy [W/m²].


GL OPTI PROBES Specifications

GL Opti Probe 1.1.10 Illuminance
Measuring point diameter 7.9mm
Spot size
Spectral range 400-730nm (may be further affected by spectrometer)
Measuring probe size 44 x 62 x 14mm
Type of fiber optic cable Polymer
Fiber optic cable diameter ⌀1.0mm
Fiber optic cable length 1.5m
Measurement uncertainty (x,y) +/- 0.002


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