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Product Name: GL OPTI SPHERE 500
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Compact Integrating Sphere System

The Opti Sphere 500 was designed specifically for growing lighting companies in the booming LED retrofit business that need a quick and reliable solution to test & measure medium sized lamps and LED modules. It offers an excellent choice for any LED luminaire manufacturer interested in characterizing the quality of their product. This 50cm integrating sphere generates immediate measurements of luminous flux, color temperature, luminous efficacy and many other important light characteristics.

With its small dimensions, the Opti Sphere 500 is a perfect table top instrument providing laboratory accuracy, without the need for a dedicated laboratory or highly skilled technician. This calibrated system is conforming to CIE global standards and all American and European requirements for professional LED light measurement instrumentation. Choose between any of our spectrometer options to create a high performance, easy to use Sphere Spectroradiometer setup.

Opti Sphere 500 Usage

Your Tabletop Laboratory

The rapidly expanding LED retrofit lamp market demands quick & reliable solutions to test & measure small to medium-sized LED products. The Opti Sphere 500 integrating sphere was produced to meet this need and delivers complete optical measurement of LED retrofit / replacement lamps with typical sockets like E27, E14 GU10 and others. As we rolled out the solution, it quickly became evident that this compact benchtop instrument is equally suited for use in a lighting laboratory as well as in R&D departments for immediate evaluation of components, prototypes and final products.

The Opti Sphere 500 lowers the barrier of entry for professional light measurement. A dedicated metrologist or large dark lab are not required. Setup the system and start understanding your lamps in no time. The setup and operation ensure engineering staff generate accurate results even with only limited test experience. Our customers appreciate that you can just open the sphere, install the lamp inside and measure. This sphere is equipped with all accessories and components you need and our GL Spectrosoft software interface will help you to do it right.

LED modules, strips, lamps and more

Need to make a lot of different measurements and don’t have the budget or space for a large sphere? The Opti Sphere 500 offers an excellent entry into the laboratory test & measurement space for LED modules, lamps and components that you use in lamp manufacturing. This integrating sphere can be combined with any of our spectrometers for accurate flux and color testing. Now you will be able to check components, diffusers, control the influence of new electronic drivers and produce reports immediately and frequently. Get photometric results for prototypes, verify the LEDs and components from your suppliers and get your light quality under control!

Opti Sphere 500 Features

Reliable Measurement of Light

All GL Optic spheres are delivered spectrally calibrated when purchased with the measurement instrument. Our spheres are universal and can be used with any GL Optic spectrometer. The inner walls of the sphere are coated with barium sulfate (BaSO4) which ensures high reflectance properties up to 97%.

CIE Compliant

Measurement of LEDs compliant with CIE 127:2007 and new CIE S 025/E:2015. This sphere also complies with other global standards and all American IES LM and European EN requirements for professional LED light measurement instrumentation.


Use the standard Opti Sphere 500 system with universal lamp post for optional mechanical breadboard for 4pi measurements of small lamps and modules. All spheres also include a side port for accurate measurement of 2pi sources.

Additional adapters, mounts for temperature control or specialized holders are also available on demand. Please contact us to share your requirements.

Automated Self-Absorbance Correction

The integrated LED auxiliary light source is fully controlled by the Spectrosoft software to enable quick corrections and deliver optimal results.

Integrated Quantities

  • Total Luminous Flux [ lm ]
  • Radiant power [ W/nm ]
  • Total Photon Flux
  • PBAR and more.

Colorimetric Quantities

  • Correlated Color Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R14, TM-30
  • Fidelity index Rf
  • MacAdam Elypses.
  • Binning
  • Color coordinates

Optional Quantities*

  • Luminous Efficacy [lm/w]
  • Power Factor
  • Temperature Tp T amb etc

Opti Sphere 500 Specifications

Sphere inside diameter 500mm
Entrance aperture diameter 80mm
Outside dimensions 620mm x 760mm x 590mm
Spectral range 340-1700nm (determined by spectrometer)
Material (Sphere / Coating) Composite / BaSO4
Auxiliary light source White LED
Weight 17.5 kg


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